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With a steady increase in the number of vehicles on the road every day, car safety has become one of the most important factors. Different security upgrades are available now. These upgrades not only ensures that the vehicle is safe for you, but also for others that are travelling beside you on the road. Many upgrades are being provided by the manufacturer itself while purchasing the car. However, with more security features in the car, the total budget of the car also increases. Hence many people do not look for these upgrades while purchasing the vehicle. However, if you ever think that you need to add these security features along, there are many aftermarket upgrades available.


Almost every car on the road nowadays has safety systems that can assist drivers in being more cautious. Some of these you may already be aware of, while others you may be unaware of in your vehicle! There are lots of new safety features which are still under development. The features of your car may differ from those of others. To get the most out of your vehicle, make sure you read the owner's manual. You may also keep up with the newest advances in car safety technologies by visiting our Website & Blog area or contacting us. Some of the latest car safety equipments which is readily available are:

1. Reverse Camera:

reverse camera is one of the top features that would make your driving much convenient. Reverse camera helps in viewing a wide range view behind your car, even during night time. It will help you to park your car easily in a tight parking spot and also eliminates the possibility of accidentally bumping into anything that's in the blind spot area of the car. 


Most of them being expert drivers might think: Do I need a reversing camera?

The answer is “Yes”, due to various safety factors. While parking your car, most of the time you face lots of distractions and obstructions. Reverse Camera is a new technology designed to make you stress free. Reverse camera provides you with a real picture of your surroundings. There are multiple blind spots if you are driving big vehicles like Lorries, vans or huge cars and jeeps. You are able to focus more on posts, pedestrians, other cars etc. And hence reduce the likelihood of bumping. If you are using a wide-angle lens, a broader view of your surrounding area is provided which helps you in squeezing to the narrowest parking area too. 

Car Planet provides the best reverse camera installation services in Dubai. Contact us now and our factory-trained fabricators perfectly to provide the best reverse Camera Installation Dubai of your choice. Drive reverse simple and perfect without colliding

2. Parking Sensors:

Integrating Parking sensors in your car can be of great benefit. Parking sensor, also known as proximity sensors, are devices mounted on a vehicle's bumpers that aid the driver during parking. They calculate the distance between the driver and an approaching object, either in front of or behind them, and alarm the driver if they get too close. These sensors would analyse the position of objects around the car and alerts you as you park. 

Nobody likes to be involved in a car accident, especially in their own driveway! And who likes to be in the garage all the time? Parking sensors improve visibility, allow for better parking, and reduce the risk of damage. It's a simple purchase that keeps you from hitting the rear of your garage or injuring someone. Huge amount of cash can be saved. Parking camera installation is worth purchasing since they save time, money, and stress.

Even if you're a seasoned driver, it eliminates the guessing, saves time, and can be useful for friends, family, and visitors. Consider it a tool that you can utilize to make your life easier. Car Planet Parking Sensor is the best parking sensor installation services Dubai in the market that will last for years. Parking sensor installation cost is surprisingly inexpensive at Car Planet.

3. Dash Camera: Vehicle Security & Road Safety

A car dash camera is also another safety feature and can be used to capture the interior of the car. A dash camera can record the incident and provide crucial information about who was involved, as well as being used to assign blame for an accident.

Over the last few years Dashboard cameras, also known as car dash camera have become increasingly common. A dash cam is a sort of camera that fits neatly on the dashboard of a car. Their mission is to record audio and video along the way. It's used by some to track and improve their own driving, but its primary purpose is to offer proof in the event of an accident. Nobody can question your conduct if you weren't at fault if you have comprehensive video documentation of the occurrence. Not only will this be useful if you are involved in the collision, but the dash camera footage can also be utilized to assist others if they are involved in an accident in front of you.

The majority of dash cam installation is not built-in to the vehicle. Dashboard cameras often have GPS built in to track speed, location, and direction. A memory card stores all of the recorded photos, movies, and sounds. Car Planet provides the best Dash Camera installation Dubai. Our most qualified dash cam installer perfectly installs the best back camera.

Similarly, there are countless car safety features available in the market that may confuse you on which one you would really need to install in your car. Some of them are listed below:

  • Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • iDAR 
  • Blind spot warning
  • Rear Cross-Traffic Warning
  • Adjustable seat belts
  • Anti-lock Braking System
  • Electronic stability control 
  • Airbags

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Carplanet- The Experts at In Car Safety

Car Planet LLC would be happy to assist you in this matter. Each car is unique and requires a different way of approach when it comes to security integration. At Car Planet, we analyse your car initially and then provide you with a list of features that can be included in your car. Depending upon your budget and needs, we can choose from a wide range of security system manufacturers. Check out for car safety equipments installation services UAE at CarPlanet, we deliver a transparent and the best experience. Our fabricators are well versed in car safety installation Dubai. Have fun riding!









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