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Conquer the seas with marine audio systems from Car Planet that deliver unparalleled performance. Sail with the company of your perfect soundtrack.


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Even though the car and marine audio are categorized under the same audio family, there are crucial differences between the two.When it comes to marine audio, you should be aware that your investment is against marine elements like water, rain, sun, moisture and dew.

Our marine audio systems are built to endure these elements so as to ensure pristine audio quality while you are anchored at your favourite spot or simply cruising the open waters. Go overboard with Car Planet LLC installed Marine Zone control units in dubai. Car Planet LLC is an authorised dealer of top brands in marine audio.

Your boat is a valuable investment for you. Hence, it is important to ensure that the audio or video components that are installed within the boat are of supreme quality that would offer you the greatest water experience you deserve. This Marine Zone control unit is designed to be completely weather-proof and is real-world tested for water, fog, salt and UV exposure. One another crucial aspect to be considered in marine audio is the marine sound damping technology. Crew and passenger comfort are important considerations for large commercial passenger liners. CarPlanet provides a variety and the best Marine Sound Damping solutions in UAE. CarPlanet alone provides Sound Damping for Marine audio systems in UAE.

Marine audio aftermarket sound system helps us with a much more enjoyable time in the water. It is always best to seek help from professional marine audio support if you are planning to upgrade your boat stereo system. In case you are planning for a step by step upgrade or if you are trying to get maximum benefits within the budget, the best option is to upgrade the boat speakers first. Only high-quality speakers are capable of withstanding the extreme conditions that would be experienced while having water adventures. The speakers installed in the boat must be loud and clear enough to overcome the sounds of the hull beating down on the waves as you jet across the bay and the noise from other boats passing nearby. The protective quality of the marine speakers should also be great along with amazing volume. It is also possible to integrate additional speakers in the boat if you need a little more volume throughout the entire journey. We always serve the speakers that are best in the industry and second to none in quality. We are really passionate when it comes to enhancing the enjoyment while you are in the boat by providing the world's top marine audio entertainment products.

When you are planning to visit your favourite spot or in case you need to make your boat to be the main sound system on a party over the shores, what you need is power. You need to have your boat integrated with subwoofers & amplifiers for better sound. Subwoofers provide low-end bass that can even make the water dance along with the music. Amplifiers help you to enjoy music at high volumes without wearing out the music system. Both these upgrades are greatly recommended for your boat as the external noise will be always high.

 Boaters used to enjoy music on flash drives or MP3 players earlier. Now, everyone streams music through their mobile devices. It's possible to use a variety of applications like Spotify to enjoy music and it would be more convenient to connect your mobile directly to the boat's audio system. The advanced marine audio systems provide Wifi in order to connect your mobile device and control your audio player with ease while listening to the music of your choice.


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Are you planning to upgrade your boat's audio system? Do you know how to choose marine speakers? We are the exclusive Middle East distributors of branded and high-quality boat music system upgrades; we can transform your boat into a party lounge as well as a serene relaxation space based on your requirements. Our support covers all major types of watercraft including fishing boats, speed boats, yachts, pleasure cruisers etc. Our trained fabricators are one of the best in boat sound system installation Dubai. They are well-versed in this industry and have the knowledge to meet the needs of clients. Even if your boat is equipped with a sound system, we offer the most advanced marine audio equipment upgrades that can dramatically improve the volume, clarity and features of the system.

Jet skiing is no exception to the rule that music can enhance any activity. Being able to listen to music while out on the water can enhance the overall enjoyment of the experience, which is why many people consider having a stereo on their jet ski to be a must-have equipment. Despite this, many jet skis do not have speakers as standard equipment. Car Planet provides the best marine speakers and top rated ones. A set of waterproof Jet Ski speakers enhances the enjoyment of a day on the water. We provide the best Jet Ski speakers, perfect for your water trip.

Carplanet – The Marine Audio Professionals!

CarPlanet the marine audio installer Dubai, brings various new and latest marine products to both our online and offline locations. We are familiar with major Marine Sound system manufacturers and equipment makers, among others. We have a number of affiliations, and direct sales partnerships with manufacturers. Our highly trained maritime electronics technicians provide high-quality, marine music system installation in Dubai and nearby ports. We provide a comprehensive range of integrated marine audio upgrade Dubai services to owners and operators of various specifications – both new and retrofit, all over UAE.

Here is the benefits and advantage in choosing CarPlanet for your audio installation and upgrades:

  • Timely delivery 
  • Supreme quality products are delivered.
  • Factory trained fabricators provide the best installation.
  • Class and professional services are provided
  • Great attention to all details are provided for perfection.
  • Instant customer service provided
  • Emphasize on client satisfaction
  • Provides best outcome for the customer and business








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