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Unleash premium sound quality on the trail, water, or off-road, enhancing every thrilling moment of your power sports journey.

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If you are planning to have an amazing audio system for your Powersports vehicle, Car Planet LLC is the place to go.Four wheeler off-road vehicles like UTV, ATV or SxS comes under Powersports vehicle. These vehicles are used for many purposes like work, pleasure or even hunting on farms. We can integrate these vehicles with powerful audio systems irrespective of usage. Planning to upgrade the audio system in your vehicle is not difficult.

The difficulty is in choosing the right product and right company that will analyze your plans and provide the most suitable options to be integrated with your vehicle as per your expectations.

 This is because, we are very well aware of the fact that Powersports vehicles are more prone to extreme conditions like dust, dirt, water, temperature and vibration. Normal audio systems are not going to survive under such exposure. 

Unlike other cars, the installation of audio systems on Powersports vehicles is also different as they would require additional support and protection.


One of the most popular updates is integrating "Bluetooth volume control options". You can connect your smartphone to the audio system and play the songs that you prefer. These weather-resistant devices help you in controlling the track, pause and volume. As a predecessor of this, we can also install full-featured source units. The next part is the crucial one - Choosing the right speakers for your vehicle. We supply powerful speakers that are purely designed for Power sports vehicles.

There are numerous other alternatives that can be combined, such as the installation of amplifiers, bass, and sound bar improvements, among others.

  • Source Unit Upgrades
  • Full-Featured Source Units
  • Speaker Upgrades
  • Amplifier Upgrades

that would provide an enhanced driving experience. Whether your power sports vehicle is utilised for hunting, farming, labour, or pleasure, there's a good chance we can install a Power sports Music system to it.

The easiest step is deciding to improve your powersports sound system. It gets trickier when it comes to choosing the correct products and the right company. You're well aware that your powersports vehicle is subjected to harsh circumstances such as dust, filth, water, temperature, and vibration. In such a hostile environment, ordinary car stereo products will not last. It's also important to get the PowerSports audio installation right, or else it won't last. With best-in-class audio enhancements that are engineered to perform in the harsh conditions you demand, we'll help you take your passion for loud with you everywhere you go.


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Why Choose Carplanet for Powersports Music System Installation

After deciding the power sports music system now it is time to choose an installation business. Car Planet excels in PowerSports Audio System installation. We have the best professional fabricators in PowerSports Audio Dubai, UAE, and our audio installations are industry-leading. 

CarPlanet is the best in PowerSports music system installation and you can trust on us due to:

  • We use products that are made to get dusty, dirty, and damp.
  • All of our connections are heat-shrunk and soldered. 
  • All the wiring is loomed and securely mounted. 
  • For long-term endurance, all of the hardware we utilize is marine-grade.
  • Long-term UV exposure does not cause any chalking, fading, or cracking in our speakers.
  • CarPlanet speakers and subwoofers are water-resistant.

Our whole crew has hands-on expertise configuring and tweaking audio system upgrades for cars, boats, power sports car and motorbikes and understands how speakers and amplifiers work. We know where to put speakers and subwoofers for the finest sound, and we have the tools to build long-lasting mounting solutions for source units and amplifiers.

Stop by Car Planet when you're ready to improve the audio system in any model of your power sports car. One of our experts will assist you in designing and constructing the finest solution for your requirements. Call our nearest office or WhatsApp or send us an e-mail using our online contact page for additional information or to schedule a personal consultation.









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Jaslin haris
Thanks for the service Team Car Planet!!!

I was looking for an Apple car play installation near me, and that led me to Car Planet, it was a fantastic discovery. I am thoroughly impressed with the service they provide. From start to finish, the experience was top-notch, and I can't recommend them enough for anyone looking to upgrade their car's entertainment system. Fast and efficient service. They listen to customer needs and give good advice, without trying the hard upsell. I personally think customer respect cannot go beyond the level they offer. Committed and trustworthy. Every person in the shop greets us with a smiling face. Thanks for the service Team Car Planet!!!