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Android Auto is a telematics standard developed by Google in order to facilitate the mobile devices to be operated on a car's dashboard information and entertainment head unit.It supports the android headrest monitor operating system (Lollipop and later). The application was launched in 2014. Once we pair the android unit with the head unit of the car, the system will be able to mirror some apps on the vehicle's display. The apps that are supported include music playback, telephone, MLB at Bat, Spotify, Stitcher, Joyride, Pandora Radio, Songza, iHeart Radio, TuneIn, Web search, GPS

mapping and navigation and SMS. Both touch screen and button-controlled head units are supported by the system. In order to reduce driver distractions, hands-free operation through voice commands is available. Android Auto is associated with Open Automotive Alliance which is a joint effort of 28 automobile manufacturers available in 36 countries and mobile tech supplier Nvidia.

Today, AndroidAuto has more than 100 million compatible cars and every car manufacturer supports this feature. The newest partner in this series seems to be Porsche as they will be facilitating Android Auto on new cars during the upcoming days. Google has been working hard with car manufacturers in order to build a better Android Auto experience for users, extending Android Auto availability to new countries, enabling wireless projection in more vehicles, integrating into the instrument cluster, and continuing to launch new features. However, many drivers are still not able to use this feature as Android Auto or  Android Headrest Monitor is not available in their vehicle. This is because, either their car model is a little old or their manufacturer has not yet started supporting Android Auto lastly, this particular car model does not come integrated with an Android Auto-compatible head unit. Don't worry. We will help you integrate your Car with  Android Auto Upgrade. We supply some of the world's best Audio and multimedia systems and can easily replace your factory setup audio system with new and advanced ones.

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Professional team

Professional team including Shameem. Very happy with the installation of Car Play on my Range Rover

Ian Watson
very reasonable !

GW fixed my cayenne Bose amp, which is a very common issue. They also fitted my video mirror. Very pleased with their work and prices..very reasonable !

Hussam Marhoon
Highly recommend to everyone

One of the few places in Dubai where the staff actually knows their products well and do an extremely professional job! This is my second car that I have taken to them for audio upgrades and I am not disappointed! Will highly recommend to everyone!