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Unleash the symphony of your Jaguar at Car Planet. 


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Enhance your driving experience with our premium Jaguar Audio installations. We specialize in bringing superior sound quality to your Jaguar, ensuring every drive is a symphony of excellence
Unleash the symphony of your Jaguar at Car Planet. With advanced technology and exquisite sound engineering, the brands we curate have earned a reputation for being the best in the industry. Experience immersive sound that elevates every journey, elevating every note and beat to resonate with the refined elegance of your Jaguar. Step into Car Planet and discover the unparalleled sound that your luxury driving experience deserves.

Indulge your Jaguar and yourself in sonic excellence. At Car Planet, our team of dedicated specialists are maestros of seamless integration. We meticulously install your premium audio system, ensuring every note resonates flawlessly within your Jaguar's luxurious embrace. With over five decades of crafting unparalleled automotive experiences, Car Planet guarantees an installation as exquisite as your drive. A passion for excellence, expertise, and an unwavering commitment to excellence has built our legacy. Our 52 years of in-car audio innovation continue to redefine luxury and performance

alt="car" Over 52 Years Of Experience In The Automotive Industry


Transform Your Jaguar's Audio with Car Planet

Don't settle for subpar acoustics when your esteemed companion deserves a sonic masterpiece. At Car Planet, we're passionate about igniting the full symphony of your Jaguar's driving experience. We curate a collection of renowned brands synonymous with cutting-edge technology and exquisite sound engineering. Our expert installation team, meticulous in their craft, seamlessly integrates your chosen system into your Jaguar's luxurious interior. The result? A flawless symphony that resonates with every fibre of your being, amplifying the exhilaration of every drive.

Let us craft a symphony that matches the power and style of your Jaguar, every note resonating with pure driving exhilaration.

Premium Brand Audio Products: At Car Planet, we curate an exclusive collection of premium audio solutions from revered brands like Hertz, Sony, and Ground Zero. Experience the exhilaration of the open road amplified, every twist and turn resonating with superior sound quality and cutting-edge technology.

Flawless Integration: With Germany/Italy factory-trained technicians, you can expect flawless integration and unsurpassed craftsmanship. We install premium audio systems with meticulous attention to detail to enhance the interior of your Jaguar without compromising performance.

Passion Meets Precision: At Car Planet, passion meets precision in every aspect of our service. We understand the intricacies of your Jaguar's interior, creating a harmonious blend of technology and luxury that elevates your driving experience.
Set yourself apart from the crowd. Come to Car Planet, and we'll guide you toward the perfect audio upgrade for your Jaguar. Transform your drives into sonic journeys where every twist and turn is punctuated with perfection.









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Fuad Shawash
wide range of premium systems highly recommended.

I have upgraded my Mustang stock speakers to Hertz audio system with an amplifier…great sound and a great experience, the team is very helpful and professional..special thanks to Mr. Shameem for his great technical advice and knowledge. Also thanks to Mr. Philip and his team for the support and tuning up the system…the place is neat with a wide range of premium systems highly recommended.

Ibrahim Ismail
Highly recommend Car Planet to everyone.

I Had a very wonderfull experience thanks to Mr Shameem, he made sure I knew everything about the product I was purchasing from him. He was very kind to clarify all my doubts regarding the product. Overall the Sony Car Play Sterio works like a wonder and is very responsive, I would highly recommend Gulf Planet to everyone.

Khalifa Almheiri
I highly recommend to come here

I came to Gulf Wireless Car Plant for speakers installation. The staff was very friendly and helpful they know very well with every cars and whats compatible and what is not. I highly recommend to come here if you want to upgrade or check your speakers and they will definitely give you a solution !